Saturday, November 18, 2006

Are fairies real?

The summer before last I was walking in the locally named 'Fairy Glen' near Fortrose in the Black Isle, north of Inverness, Scotland, a place no stranger to magic. It was dusk. For the space of a few seconds I saw near a tree branch a few feet away what I recognised to be a fairy. It was perhaps four inches tall with glistening wings. It hovered stationary for a while then fluttered away and the instictive recogition faded. The scientific mind clicked in. That told me that creatures such as these, the natives call fairies, were what we call bats. So it was 'only' a bat, and I was disappointed. It looked like a fairy. What is the best name for it, bat or fairy, and which should I choose?

Enough of that! We have plenty of fairies at Hippo Gifts but not real ones. Here is a fairy clock we just added. You can see this and other fairies at using this link:

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